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A Hut shaped bank, available in attractive colours and a handle on the roof to carry the bank.

Are you looking for an exciting and interactive way to teach your kids about the importance of saving money? Look no further than Home Bank-A Hut! This delightful toy bank combines the charm of a hut-shaped design with valuable financial lessons for your children.

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A Hut shaped bank, available in attractive colours and a handle on the roof to carry the bank.

Invest in your child’s financial future while sparking their creativity with Home Bank. This innovative toy bank not only helps kids save money but also fosters valuable life skills. Start your child’s financial journey today with Home Bank- where fun and learning come together!

  • Adorable Hut Design: Home Bank features a charming hut-shaped exterior that instantly captures your child’s imagination. Its colorful and inviting appearance makes saving money a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • Interactive Learning: This toy bank is more than just a piggy bank. It comes with interactive features that teach kids about money management and the value of saving. The roof of the hut can be opened to deposit coins and bills, and there’s a clear plastic window on the side that allows children to watch their savings grow.
  • Durable and Safe: We prioritize the safety of your children. Home Bank is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are both durable and safe for kids of all ages. Rest assured that your child’s savings companion is built to last.
  • Educational Fun: With Home Bank, saving money becomes an educational adventure. Encourage your child to set goals, track their savings progress, and learn about financial responsibility in a playful way. It’s a valuable lesson they’ll carry with them throughout their lives.
  • Perfect Gift: Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or just a special treat, Home Bank makes for an excellent gift choice. It’s a unique and practical present that parents and children will appreciate alike.
  • Size and Portability: Home Bank is compact and lightweight, making it easy for kids to carry it around and display it proudly in their room. Its portability encourages kids to take responsibility for their savings.
  • Encourage Saving Habits: By providing a dedicated place for your child to save money, Home Bank instills a sense of responsibility and discipline from an early age. It’s a wonderful tool for teaching financial literacy.

Order Home Bank now and watch your child’s savings grow, one coin at a time.

Model Number – AT08779

Color – The product comes in 2 different  color options. 

Sample Time: 2 – 5 days

Supply Ability: Supply Ability 9000 pcs per Month (** May vary in Pandemic kind situation)

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Customized logo (Min. order 5000 pcs) + standard designing charges USD 30.04

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Graphic customization (Min. order 5000 pcs) + standard designing charges USD 30.04

Packaging Details: Mail Color Box(eco-friendly gift packaging)

Port: NA

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Lead time (days): 15 To be negotiated

Units / Carton: 36 pcs / Carton

** CBM Customization also available – Length x Width x Height = CBM

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Carton Size (inches): 40×17.5×25 inch

Gross Weight & Net Weight (kgs): 19.4/16.1 kgs

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